Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Fashions from Martha Stewart at @Petsmart!

Looking for something adorable to dress your pup up in for the holidays? Head over to Petsmart, where the Martha Stewart line is part of the site-wide sale! We've had our eye on several different pieces which are already in our cart and ready to go! 


Who doesn't love a cozy cable-knit for cold weather? Loving the neutral color of this sweater and the cute little sleeves. Looks really classy and high-end!

This polka-dot fleece number would be perfect for AM walks. We love how colorful it is and the fact that of course fleece is easy to clean/maintain


Seriously- look at the ahhh-dooor-able little tulle dress! Cannot get enough of the candy cane stripe ribbon or the holly accessory on the collar. We also love the fact that it's not going to be too warm for indoor wear.  

Does your dog don anything festive for the holidays? 

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