Monday, August 27, 2012

Trail Mix from @Milkbone!

How cute is this adorable Milk Bone Trail Mix?! We got a recent sample in our August BarkBox and are totally obsessed with the adorable little bones! The perfectly sized treat for Paddy, we can't get enough of these cute little pieces.

Filled with rolled oats, sweet potato, and real beef, the trail mix contains NO corn, artificial preservatives or flavors.

Available from your local pet store and websites like Amazon.


  1. My little yorkie Simon likes the soft pieces but he wont eat the bisquits.

  2. Trail Mix has become Domino's special bedtime treat. Through a series of head-to-head forced decisions, I've determined that he likes the beef squares best, followed by bones, then the sweet potato disks. It's also hilarious to use these as the "bait" in a shell game.


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