Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Babble Ball: The Best Toy Ever

The Babble Ball is quite possibly the BEST dog toy ever.

We may have previously blogged about this, but felt like it was worth revisiting when we stumbled upon it online again this weekend. This battery operated ball is the one toy that we have seen successfully entertain dogs of all sizes and ages. Literally nothing more than a ball with a small speaker that is activated by motion, Paddy will spend hours chasing hers around the apartment. Relatively sturdy, this thing has been repeatedly smacked into walls, furniture, molding, etc. and is still in good shape. 

Our one piece of advice? Make sure to have extra batteries on hand, and make sure you have a good hiding place to stash this when you need a break from the babble :) 

Available from Perpetual Kid for $8.99

Wags & Kisses-- 

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