Tuesday, November 1, 2011

M&J Doggy Spa Day!

After this weekend's freak winter weather, Miss. Morkie was badly in need for a bath after a rather wet stroll through Central Park. Fortunately, this was just the excuse we needed to try out some goodies from M&J Dog Essentials!

Paddy's afternoon at the Doggy Day Spa (aka our kitchen sink) started with a deep tissue massage and application of the Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment. Designed to help relieve itchy skin, it's formulated to help break loose dirt and debris to make shampooing more effective. We applied it on Paddy's dry coat and massaged it into her hair while we warmed her bath water.

After 10 minutes of waiting patiently, she was ready to get into the tub! Next, we soaped her up with M&J's Natural Dog Shampoo which thanks to honeysuckle extract smells fabulous. This PH-balanced shampoo is low-sudsing and sulfate-free (so good for sensitive skin), and also contains plantain extract and camellia oil for fur that's soft and shiny. Ooh la la!

The finished product?

I'm so clean and cuddly!
Not only did Paddy smell great (without being overpoweringly perfumed), but her hair was super glossy and soft. We're also super pleased that the combo of the pre-bath treatment and the shampoo seemed to have helped with some early-winter itchiness. Yay!

For more information and to get the products used above, visit M&J's website. Our favorite and the best bang for your buck? The Dog Essential Pack ($50) which includes the pre-bath treatment, shampoo and an inbetween bath product (stay tuned-- we'll be reviewing that soon).

What's your pup's favorite spa routine?

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

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  1. Paddy steals the show in this picture! Glad spa day is a fun day at your place. It's a dreaded activity for us!


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