Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#Barkista of the Month: Bocce!

Introducing our very special November Barkista of the Month: Bocce!
Yes, the namesake of super-chic Greenwich Village bakery Bocce's Bakery, is this month's featured pup. New York's beset known culinary inspiration (seriously, think of Bocce as the Mario Batali of the dog-culinary scene), Bocce's taste is impeccable: when it comes to both treats and style!

Check out his Barkista-worthy picks and then make sure to enter our Bocce's Bakery giveaway!

Name:  Bocce

Hometown: West Village, NYC
Age: 4 ...well 4 1/2 now, but I'm still a puppy at heart
Breed: Supposedly a Shitzu-Poodle, but really I'm more of a scruffy mutt
Canine Style Inspiration: Hum, I would say 'downtown scruffy chic'. 
Favorite Accessory: bacon an accessory?

Designer of Choice: The lovely team at Mulberry London sent me a very fancy cashmere coat as a gift last year. It's a navy blue peacoat. I love it, it keeps me very warm in the winter, and my friends say I look quite cute in it. I know my mom is jealous of it and wished it fit her, hehe. 

Signature Collar: Puppia! I got my first one at Zoomies NYC when I was just a little pup, and that's all I use.  I like it cause it doesn't hurt me when I pull.  Oh and yes, I pull alot, especially if there is a bird in sight!

Vacation Destination: Anywhere that involves a car! I loooove car rides.  Planes not so much

Ultimate Treat/Indulgence:  My own treats, of course!  They are yummy, and really healthy! I'm munching on a Fish & Chip biscuit right now.  It's my new fave flavor!

The Toy I Never Leave Home Without:  Oh, I never take my toys out, cause there's already so much to do when we go on walks. Like jumping on leaves, and playing w/other pups, and scaring the pigeons - that's my favorite!

Where You'll Most Likely Spot This Barkista: Waggin' my tail around the West Village or playing with my friends by our Biscuit Bike at the parks on weekends.  

Favorite Website: Twitter...I love to tweet with all of my puppy friends. I'm at!

This holiday, I'm wishing for....: Shhh...don't tell anyone cause this is top secret - but I can't wait for our new Holiday biscuits to come out!  I heard its a roasted turkey, pumpkin, cranberry biscuit! It smells and tastes just like stuffing.  I hope I get lots of them this Holiday.  I'm gonna behave extra good from now until then, promise!

Favorite Pet Cause: This year we gave a portion of sales and donated auction items to help pups affected by the Tsunami in Japan, we also love the Humane Society NY (they are awesome!) as well as the Mayor's Alliance NYC.

Want to be our next Barkista of the month? Send your pup's answers to the above along with a headshot to!

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