Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bath & Body Works Puppy Pocket Bacs


Lately we've been on a Bath & Body Works kick. Don't ask me why. 
Moderately priced soaps are my calling....
 Anyway, we stumbled upon these ADORABLE doggy themed Pocket-Sized Sanitizers during our last late night shop-a-thon. SQUEAL!?! How perfect for attaching to our leash! We picked up Royal Tea, Snob Berry and Glam Star.
We're not super well-versed when it comes to beauty, so we'll defer to our wonderful pal/beauty superstar blogger the Muse behind Musings of a Muse to walk you through all of the details
Needless to say, get-thee to a B&BW ASAP to snatch some of these up, or head over to their website where the whole set is on sale for $5!

1 comment:

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