Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's in a Barkista's bag?

Any good Barkista never leaves home unprepared. We recently took a look at what's in Paddington's travel bag, and here are the must-haves we found:

1. Stella & Chewy Carnivore Kisses:The re-sealable container makes these the perfect on-the-go bribes. (WagginTails.com, $9.99)

2.  Everlasting Treat Ball: A never-ending distraction to provide entertainment during any unforeseen travel delays. (Amazon.com, $11.99 for small)

3. Aqua Pure Breed Bottled Water: Check out review of this portable water here.

4. Flossies: Sure, they don't smell the nicest, but if you've ever given your dog one of these treats, you know that nothing gets their attention immediately like a flossie. We keep ours in a ziplock back to contain any unwanted odors. (Amazon.com, $15.50 for a pack of 5)

5. Earthbath Paw Wipes: In the city, you never know what your pup's going to pick up the street. These wipes are perfect for getting rid of any unwanted grossness. (Petco, $7.19)

6. Arabella & Fern Super Cudgie: The ultimate snuggle blanket, we love the Super Cudgie not only because it's so soft, but it's super light. Check out our review here. (Arabella & Fern, $46)

What are your doggy tote bag musts?


  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite items. We just started making a packing list for Gus and we didn't think of grooming wipes - we definitely need to add that to our list.

    Besides the essentials (water, treats, etc...), Musher's Secret is our new must-have item. It's so great for his paw pads when we're walking/hiking!

  2. Hi Lori-- good call on the Musher's Secret! We'll have to add that to our stash :)


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