Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Science Diet Million Pound Pledge NYC Event 5/6

Alison Sweeney is helping pets slim down for summer! The host of the Biggest Loser, and Hills' Pet Nutrition are kicking off their Hills' Science Diet Million Pound Pledge on May 6th in New York City. Their mission is to help the 54% of chubby pets in the US lose a million pounds via exercise and an improved diet.

Alison and team will be celebrating the start of their Million Pound Challenge in Union Square at 14th Street at 11:00 AM on Friday. In addition to spreading the word about the battle against pet obesity, there will be free pet weigh-ins, Q+A's with Hills' vets, and Science Diet coupons (which will be redeemable at all PetSmart locations-- including the one near Union Square).

Though we've never had to worry about Paddy's weight, we applaud this educational movement. After all, until dogs evolve opposable thumbs, us two-legged folks are responsible for helping them make healthy food choices!


  1. Yeah, except that Science Diet is complete junk food that is full of fillers.

  2. We've never tried Science Diet, so we can't speak to the quality of the formula. Regardless, I think from an awareness perspective, it's nice that Alison Sweeney & Hills are trying to draw more attention to the fight against pet obesity.


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