Thursday, January 27, 2011

#ThursdayBling is Fabuleash!

Ok. So I know we featured something from Henri Bendel last week for #ThursdayBling, but we stopped by the store this past weekend and HAD to feature this blinged out leash after seeing it in person. It is FABULEASH! Really, this picture doesn't do it justice. Though we're not talking Swarovski crystals here, the glass beads look diamond-esque in person.

Unfortunately, this adjective does not apply to the leash when taken in context with our budget… and thus we could only gaze lovingly at it in the store.

However, if you have a spare $298, you can pick up your Fabuleash from Henri Bendel in store or online. Send us a picture so that we can pretend it's ours? Please?

We also saw a version with pearls, but come on-- go bling or go home!

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

1 comment:

  1. emmy has a fabuleash and seriously we get stopped everytime we go out for a walk


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