Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Gift of Babble

Of course the most annoying toy ever is going to be the one that captivates our little Barkista….

We discovered the Pet Qwerks' Babble Ball under the the Christmas Tree, and it has brought joy like we've never seen before to our little Morkie. (So much so, that play time with the Babble Ball is a special reward for good behavior now.) 

Available in 3 different sizes, the ball makes over 20 hilarious different wisecracks or sounds at the slightest provocation. Seriously. We made the mistake of packing it loosely in a suitcase after the holidays which was thrown in the backseat of a car…. not a good idea.

We ate through one set of batteries already (Paddy literally played with the ball non-stop, all-day Christmas), but were really pleased with how easy it was to install new ones.

The only downside? We were gifted a medium ball (roughly tennis ball sized), which is a little too big for Paddy to pick up. Thus, she likes to chase the Babble Ball around the house like a soccer ball. Adorable? Yes. Good for our skirting boards/neighborly relations? Probably not so much.

Even though its incessant babble drives us a little batty, we're still kind of obsessed about it, if only because of the joy it brings to our pooch.

Available online from

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas


  1. She looks so happy playing with it! We definitely have a few toys Gus is crazy for that we reserve for special occasions. He has a rubber duck that he LOVES but makes me want to scratch my eyes out :p

  2. That video is ADORABLE. We (accidentally) discovered our yorkie's new favorite toy: a plush frog that whistles when squeezed (probably intended as a Valentine's Day gift). Squeeze, then hide behind a couch cushion, and the pup goes nuts looking for it. Because you have to squeeze to activate the sound, it requires and extra step of human participation... but the results are so hilarious that they're worth it.

    I guess terriers are really motivated by sound?

  3. Hi Karla-- that sounds absolutely adorable too! Can you send us a picture?? Would love to look into it for Paddy!


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