Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You say it's your birthday....

This weekend the Barkistas celebrated an important birthday! While we sadly can't send you any cake, we just had to share the pictures. Seriously, how cool is that?!

Custom designed for the Barkistas by Ruthy's Bakery in NYC, we almost couldn't bring ourselves to eat it...

 Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas


  1. omg absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that cake! Is it edible for dogs or humans?

  2. OMG! that is CRAZY!!!! i need to get a cake like that made!!!

    on a side note, if you want to have something hilarious to blog about, check out this puppy rapping video!


  3. Sadly cake is only human edible, NFD (not for dogs)-- much to Paddy's dismay!

  4. That's straight out of Cake Boss! Incredible! Now I want one. Laly's bday isn't till April. How much will that set me back?

  5. Alas, we don't have pricing details as it was a gift! But definitely call up Ruthy's-- Barkzilla's grandma says they were awesome to work with! :)


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