Monday, October 11, 2010

Nootie Germ-Fighting Shampoo & Daily Spritz

Sunday is normally bath day Chez Barkzilla, but after a busy weekend visiting the "Grandparents," we were both a little tuckered out for our usual full doggie day spa routine. What better time to try out Nootie's new Germ-Fighting Shampoo and Daily Spritz in Coconut Lime Verbena!

That's right: their innovative two-in one packaging features 12 oz of shampoo on one end and 4 oz of refreshing in-between bath spritz on the other (or alternatively, pick them in full size bottles as seen to the right). We personally prefer the combo pack as you get a little bit of both fabulous products, and they snap together for easy storage.

The Germ-Fighting Shampoo and Daily Spritz is the newest addition to Nootie's line of cruelty-free grooming products which are made in the USA and use all-natural ingredients. The formula contains grapefruit seed which is hypoallergenic and helps to "prevent against a variety of bacteria, viruses, and infections, contributes to the prevention of mange and fleas when used on animals". Both the shampoo and spritz are tearless, non-toxic, and free from from triclosan and parabens. With cold and flu season right around the corner, we love the extra germ-fighting power Nootie has infused its products with (seriously, it is not okay to cough/sneeze and then pet my dog...).

While we have yet to test-drive the shampoo, we're big fans of the Daily Spritz which helps to refresh and moisturize your pup's coat. The Coconut Lime Verbena scent smells like a clean fruity cocktail; sweet but definitely not sickly so. And, unlike other spray baths we've tried (which are mostly focused on masking smells), when we ran our hands through Paddy's fur after a spray and brush we really felt that her hair was cleaner.

The set retails for a reasonable $20, which considering you're getting both a spray bath and shampoo, is a pretty solid deal. Find out where to pick up your Nootie Germ-Fighting Shampoo and Daily Spritz directly from their website!

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by PR for review. Please see our disclaimer for more information.

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