Thursday, September 24, 2015

Henri Bendel Canine Collection Fall 2015

Henri Bendel has expanded their canine collection and introduced a few new goodies for fall.

The pièce de résistance of the collection is their new Luxury Pet Carrier, which is crafted from Saffiano leather and folds down into a play mat. Featuring a terry cloth pad/cushion, it can hold up to an 11 pound doggy fashionista. (We were a little bit surprised that they went with a terry cloth pad vs. something more plush, like a fleece or sheepskin.)

While it will break the bank at $448 + tax, you can add your own customized monogram, which got us thinking what initials we'd roll with... after all, we've never given much thought to Paddy's middle name... Anyhow. Besides the price, our other concern is weight - while I'm not too familiar with the leather in question, that could make the bag a little on the hefty side to start with without your bestie inside.

On the more budget friendly side ($48), HB also is offering their take on the poop bag holder, "The West 57th Dog Baggie" in pink or black which hides your doggy's bags inside a chic looking pouch. We love the look, but probably not the hassle of having to unsnap the container each time we need a bag. It's also not clear if the roll snaps into anything inside the pouch or if it's just loose, which could spell disaster. (Seriously... who designed this?)

If we were to indulge ourselves in anything from HB's Fall Collection, it would be this Packable Dog Bowl, which folds up into a nice little wallet sized thingy. Though expensive (again $48... that seems to be Henri Bendel's magic number), it is compact and definitely very cute with their trademark brown and white stripes. The outside is leather and the inside bowls are coated canvas. 

What luxuries do you indulge your dog in?

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