Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little Barkster Yummy Plush Toys

Oh my dog. We may not be based out of NYC any more, but we will always have a special place in our heart for canine entrepreneurs in the Big Apple. How cute are these toys from Brooklyn based Little Barkster?! We were cruising Etsy and stumbled upon their adorable, made-to-order, treat themed toys and cannot get enough. (Also, can we talk about how cute their dog model Gordon is?!) Here are some of our favorites:

This limited-edition box of three over-sized stuffed macarons ($15) is just too sweet (ha, get it...!?). We may be tempted to snatch up their last one.... 

What NYC doggie hasn't dreamed of their own Black and White cookie ($10)? Now they can enjoy this squeaker filled treat! 

Who can resist a classic New York slice ($13)?  

You can pick up all of these toys and more from Little Barkster's Etsy store. As per their website they are regularly rolling out additions to their line of delicious looking treats so make sure to stop by!

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