Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cheese Please Dog Treats: Reviwed

As you may know from our posts, occasionally the snacks inside our monthly BarkBox are a little hit or miss. Such are the trials of having a small, picky, picky dog…. However, we had a HUGE win with February's box, and it's safe to say Paddy now has a new favorite treat- Complete Natural Nutrition's Cheese Please Dog Treats!

We love it because it contains only ONE ingredient: pure Wisconsin cheese.

Paddy loves it because it contains CHEESE.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! 

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Lactose and MSG free, these nickel-sized treats weigh in at about 3 calories per snack. They're perfectly sized for our little Morkie, and easy to break into pieces (without the whole thing crumbling). Very reasonably priced (a 7oz box of over 300 treats rings up at $15.99!), we are definitely going to be stocking up.

Available to purchase directly from Complete Natural Nutrition's website and other online retailers.


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