Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pet Dental Health Month!

Happy February/Pet Dental Month! That's right! It's an entire month dedicated to pet dental hygiene! Woot woot!

In addition to brushing once a week, we always make sure our cupboard is stocked with treats that will taste good and help to get rid of tartar. 

To get the month off to a good start, we asked Brad Kriser, owner of Kriser's all-natural pet store and doggy brushing advocate for some helpful tips when it comes to keep your pup's smile sparkly and clean.

Help! How do I get into the hard-to-reach places of your dog’s mouth, especially if they’re tiny like Paddington:

There are many ways that pet parents can get into those hard to reach places.  There are toothbrushes that are smaller in size that can be used for the smaller dogs. The finger brush can be good as they might be more likely to allow your finger in their mouth rather than a toothbrush.

If brushing is not an option then I recommend using a dental supplement/spray such as PetzLife Spray. You can also use the PetzLife Gel; it can be placed on a doggie cookie and when chewed up, it will get the enzymatic gel all over the mouth.

In addition to brushing, what oral-hygiene treats do you recommend? 
The dental treats that we recommend first and foremost are raw bones. We also like natural chews such as bully sticks for helping to clean the teeth.  The next items are dental chews such as Zukes or Terrabone chews.

Thanks Brad for the insights!

How often you brush your pup's teeth? Tell us about their dental habits! 


  1. Brushing the teeth of my pet could be difficult sometimes because it's so hyper active. But after all the attempts to keep it calm, it's all worth it to see it's bright teeth and fresh breath.

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  2. I brush my pet's teeth at home using my toothpaste which was recommended by my cosmetic dentist Sydney. My dog loves it and he enjoys it whenever I brush his teeth.


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