Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dogs at Work Stamps

It's not often that you actually receive an email about the post office in your inbox...

Sidebar: Holy moly, last time I mailed letter, I'm pretty sure the cost of a stamp was like 29 cents... 

Anyway, check out these cute stamps from the U.S. Postal Service which celebrate "Dogs at Work," and are good for sticking on First-Class Mail (up to 2-ounces) and "square greeting cards subject to additional postage because of their shape."

Each design was created by John M. Thompson, who painted each of the subjects based off of photographs he had taken.

Our favorite has to be the Welsh springer spaniel therapy dog as we recently passed our Delta Society certification exam!

While we're not stamp collectors, we definitely might ask for these next time we have to post something. Swing by your local Post Office to purchase, or visit the USPS site/store for more info.


  1. These actually look very cool. I'd think about getting them even if I'm not an avid stamp collector or anything like that.

  2. Dogs are very cute, very nice idea for stamps :)

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