Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Not the Biggest Bitch in This Relationship

That blog title got your attention, right? Fellow Barkistas, prepare yourself for what is possibly the funniest dog book we have EVER read. Compiled by the wonderful Wade Rouse, this collection of witty stories from some of America's top humorists, this book hits the spot-- and by the spot we mean the funny bone.

Doesn't the cover just crack you up? 

So many of the anecdotes or lessons shared in this collection are funny because THEY ARE TRUEPerhaps a little too true, though we did find it reassuring to know that we're not the only folks out there that have blessed their dog with an imaginary voice. (Albeit, one that is really, really annoying to anyone except for the residents of our apartment...)
A great read for those with a commute, the stories are sweet and funny without going the soppy route.  Be warned: You will laugh out-loud. Strangers on the subway may look at you funny.

While we're big fans of the Kindle, with a cover like this, how could you NOT buy this book in paperback!? Pick up your paper or digital copy from 50% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the Humane Society of the United States. Yay for good things that give back!

Oh, and now we totally want to know-- what does your dog's voice sound like?

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