Monday, July 11, 2011

PaperGirl Designs Goes Doggy

In addition to cupcakes, all things doggy, and makeup, the Barkistas are kind of obsessed with paper goods. Stationery, cute little notepads, erasers, pencils, wrapping paper, etc. In fact, it's not uncommon for us to buy them and never get around to using them (seriously, we may have a problem)... Thus, we were so chuffed when we got an email from Carolyn about her company Paper Girl Designs which combines 2 things we love: dogs and wrapping paper!

Each 18 x 24 single-sided sheet sells for $3. Or pick up a set of 4 assorted designs for $10.

In addition to wrapping paper, check out their cute doggy themed wrapping sets for $39 which include: 

 4 sheets of assorted wrapping paper.
1 set of 6 assorted blank greeting cards 6x4.25.
1 set of 6 assorted blank greeting cards 4x2.
1 set of 6 assorted gift tags.

*Each item listed above can also be purchased individually. 

Can't wait until we can find an excuse to add all of the above to our paper goods/stationery stash... 


  1. Fabulous!! I too, have a stationery problem...I love to have collections of all sorts, but this collection is so great!

  2. Buy the Papergirl Design items at my online store!


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