Sunday, December 12, 2010

Martha Stewart Chicken Coop in Action!

We recently swung by the newly opened NoHo Petsmart in NYC and were delighted to discover the full-range of Martha Stewart pet products in stock. Since Paddy had been such a good girl of late, we picked up the Martha Stewart Chicken Coop (which we had previously blogged about) as an early holiday present. Much to our pleasant surprise, it is as cute in-person as we had hoped! The house actually has crinkly material sewn into it which immediately caught Paddy's attention. 

Though we stuffed the Chicken Coop with the three cute little chickies it came with, Paddy had a tough time getting them loose-- and fearing the destruction of the barn-- we freed one for her. 

Big mistake. Sadly, the baby chick you see here was destroyed in less than five minutes (oh the horror), which leads us to believe that the Martha Stewart Chicken Coop was definitely not designed with fierce chewers in mind... in fact, we better go that squeaker from our Canine Tester.... 

Possibly a better pick for a pooch that plays more gently with their toys, we still dig the Chicken Coop and plan on stuffing it with other toys or treats in the future. Definitely a cute new puppy present or item for under the tree!

Pick up your Martha Stewart Chicken Coop from PetSmart for $14.99.

Wags & Kisses,
The Barkistas


  1. I have to wonder who tested this product, if it was demolished so quickly by an enthusiastic chewer. Perhaps Martha's own dogs -- who might just set as impossibly a high bar for doggies perfection as the Divine Ms. Stewart does for humankind...
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  2. Paddington looks so cute playing with her chicken coop. It's always so disappointing when dog toys are so easily destroyed. Good thing she has 2 more chickies to play with :)

  3. Totally agree Jack-- either her dogs are incredibly gentle or there was no testing involved at all!


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